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Note: This film has an R rating.

Junkie Rating:

This film received 2 1/2 pops out of 4 pops.This film received 2 1/2 pops out of 4 pops.This film received 2 1/2 pops out of 4 pops.This film received 2 1/2 pops out of 4 pops.

Cast and Credits

Todd Phillips (Director)
Luke Wilson (Mitch Martin) 
Will Ferrell (Frank) 
Vince Vaughn (Beanie) 
Ellen Pompeo (Nicole) 
Craig Kilborn (Boyfriend) 
Leah Remini (Lara) 
Juliette Lewis (Heidi) 


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      Okay, we've got a movie starring Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, and Luke Wilson.  I know Vince can be psychotic, dramatic, or swinging.  I know Will can be hilarious.  I know Luke can...well, I haven't actually seen Luke in a movie where he actually had a part major enough for me to really notice him, so I don't know much about what he can do but let's give him the benefit of a doubt.

      So we've got 3 decent actors and a plot that is ripe with comic potential: Mitch (Wilson) walks in on his girlfriend who is smack in the middle of a kinky sex game-- might sound ok to some but it involves other people-- not just 2, a few other people, a group or gang if you will.  So this guy Mitch moves out into his own place-- which happens to be practically on a college campus.  Mitch has 2 buds-- Frank, recently married (Ferrell) who's already having doubts and Beanie (Vaughn) that's been married and feels dominated by his wife.  Once Mitch moves in Frank and Beanie decide that Mitch's place will be their home away from home-- they can party and do whatever their wives won't let them do normally (you, because all women are evil hags-- whatever!).

      It doesn't take long for Beanie to throw a huge party at the house.  All the college kids are invited, Snoop Dog shows up (I have no idea WHY), and the house and surrounding neighborhood gets a little trashed.  The Dean of the college gets pissed and tries to kick them out of the house-- the only way they can stay is if they become part of the school....so they do the logical thing and start a Fraternity.

     If only the writers had stuck with the Frat concept and not gone off on some stupid love story with Mitch, this film would have been great.  Sure there are some great scenes-- mostly thanks to Will Ferrell, but really the trailer was more satisfying than the film.  I was disappointed.  I laughed a few times but the overall feeling afterwards was disappointment.  So, if you're just looking for a few laughs and the inevitable boob shot-- it IS a Frat movie-- then by all means go see this.  If you are looking for a modern day "Animal House" then forget it.  The only way you'll really think this is funny is if you're high, but then in that state you'd probably think anything is funny.

Patsy ( 2 out of 4 pops )


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       Billy Ray ( 3 out of 4 pops )

     Guilty pleasure, and nothing more.  This is your typical comedy, with the same jokes and the same unexplained storylines, but Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn save it from total disaster.  Will Ferrell as Frank the Tank, and Vince Vaughn as a partier who always tells his son to 'use earmuffs' when vulgar language ensues, turn this flick into a hilarious romp from the director of the lame "Road Trip".  The whole outline of the film is never really justified, since it is hard to believe any institute of higher learning would allow any non-college students to form a fraternity, but the performances make up for the lack of reason.  This film is just plain funny, but is definitely a guilty pleasure.  Alas, I might be seeing it again very soon.